Contrary to the popular opinion that beer is dangerous for your health, beer has some benefits when it is drunk in moderation. Here are some of the benefits:


There are endless beer varieties that you can choose from. The different options have different alcohol level, taste, colors as well as container design and style. Hence, you can drink different brands of beer to get different tastes and experiences. If you are not the adventurous type, you can also stick to your most favorite beer. If you are new to taking beer and you want to know what the best beer in the USA are, you can easily find what you want to drink by reading reviews on The reviews will help you know which beers other people have rated to be the best based on their experience.

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It prevents kidney stones

According to research, drinking beer helps to reduce your risk of developing kidney stones by 41 percent. Some beers have healthy kidney phytochemicals such as pale ale, etc. However, it is advised that beer should not be taken excessively because of this, as it could lead to damage to the vital organs of the body.

It lowers bad cholesterol

Beer contains a soluble fiber that helps to lower the bad cholesterol in the blood. It also helps to promote healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. However, you should be careful because beer influences the absorption of minerals by the body, which, in turn, reduces its ability to burn stored fat.

It reduces stress

Every day, a lot of people are affected by stress from work and relationships. Research shows that about 2 glasses of beer will help reduce stress and anxiety. However, experts advise that alcohol should not become a routine drink for getting rid of stress and anxiety as it is dangerous to the health. With time, it increases the very feelings it should have killed in the long run.

It improves memory

Experts have found that alcohol contains a secret ingredient called Xanthohumol, a flavonoid that helps to slow down the aging process of memory. It has also been found that this secret ingredient helps to protect the brain from oxidative damage, which is usually associated with dementia. Also, moderate consumption of alcohol has been proven to improve cognitive functions. For women, moderate drinking is a glass of beer per day while for men, two glasses of beer.

It enhances beauty

Beer has been found to make women look younger and more beautiful because it contains beet, an ingredient that helps to regenerate the skin and reduce skin pigmentation. A lot of skincare and haircare products and home remedies contain beer. However, it is advised that women use beer for skin and hair in limited quantities.

It improves your bones

Another health benefit of beer is that it strengthens your bones. Medical research shows that beer has a high level of silicon which helps to improve the density of the bones. Besides, beer also helps you to be relaxed. If you are battling insomnia, drinking beer is a great way to deal with it, albeit in smaller quantities.

It increases vitamin B in the body

One of the ways to increase vitamin B in your body is by taking beer. According to experts, beer has different vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, etc. A study shows that beer drinkers have a higher level of vitamin B than non-drinkers, as high as 30%.

It prevents blood clots and heart attack

Beer helps to prevent blood clots and facilitate the smooth flow of blood in the body. It also significantly reduces the risk of heart attack by almost 60%.